010707 Johnnie Sloan - The Joy of Pastor Paul Phil 1,1-11.mp3

011407 Johnnie Sloan - Gods Sovereign Purpose in Suffering Phil 1,11-18.mp3

012107 Johnnie Sloan - Christ Magnified in Life and Death Phil 1,19-26.mp3

012807 J Sloan - Live Worthy of the Gospel Phil 1,27-30.mp3

020407 J Sloan - Like Minded is Christ Minded Phil 2,1-5.mp3

021107 J Sloan Christology and Joy Phil 2,5-11.mp3

021807 J Sloan - Live Out Your Salvation Phil2,12,13.mp3

022507 J Sloan - Do All Things Without Complaining Phil 2,14-18.mp3

030407 J Sloan - Sending a Faithful Son Phil 2,19-24.mp3

031107 J Sloan Sacrificial Service to Christ Phil 2,25-30.mp3

031807 J Sloan Righteous Vs Rubbish Phil3,1-11.mp3

032507 J Sloan The Upward Call Phil 3,12-16.mp3

040807 J Sloan - Pressing on to the Celestial City Phil 3,17-21.mp3

041507 J Sloan Blessed are the Peacemakers - Phil 4,1-4.mp3

042207 J Sloan Equipped for Service - Phil 4,5-9.mp3

042907 J Sloan The Key to Contentment Phil 4,10-13.mp3

050607 J Sloan The Philippian Example Phil 4,14-19.mp3

051307 J Sloan From Joy to Glory Phil 4,20-23.mp3