Pastor Johnnie Sloan


Johnnie L. Sloan was born in Modesto, California in 1972. He married his wife Jaymee in September of 1994 and they have three children. He and his wife have been serving the Lord since they were married. Essentially from the beginning they have served under the mentorship of Pastor Heinrich. Johnnie has a heart to serve his local church and shepherd God's flock here at Sovereign Grace. Johnnie is a graduate of City Seminary of Sacramento with an emphasis on New Testament and Theology.  It is Pastor Sloan's strong conviction that man's purpose is to glorify God to the fullest in every and all aspects of life and that this is only accomplished when Scripture is properly expounded, grasped, applied, and lived in the local Church as her members feast on the nourshing Word of God..


Pastor William Heinrich

Though technically no longer on staff or an officer of SGBC, Pastor Heinrich still serves SGBC in various capacities as the Lord leads.  His wisdom and guidance being the founding Pastor of our church are very much active at SGBC and remains current as he teachers classes and fills the pulpit when needed.

William H. Heinrich was born in Modesto ,California in 1938. He was raised by his parents Milton and Alice, along with two brothers, Leroy and Vern. He was faithfully taken to the Old German Baptist Brethren Church . In 1960 he married Ellen Boyd and they now have four children and thirteen grandchildren. In 1966 God saved them and they became members of the church of their background. In 1970 William entered into San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary and left the church of his background over the doctrine of grace. In 1972 William transferred to Grace Theological Seminary and graduated form there in 1973. He pastored for twelve and on half years at the First Baptist Church of Delphi , Indiana followed by fifteen years at First Baptist Church of Ceres, California. On August 19, 2001 the Lord led him to start Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Modesto, California


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