SGBC Modesto


March 27, 2024 by

William Heinrich

Martin Luther said the doctrine of election was the “heart of the church.” Few doctrines of Scripture divide people more than unconditional election. Why, if it is so divisive, do we bother with it at all? What difference does it make?
Election must be taught if the whole counsel of God is taught. The minister is called to preach the Word in
season and out of season. If truth is ignored in one place it will soon be ignored in other places. If believers are “of the truth” they but believe and exalt truth. Election puts to rest all humanistic teaching that God’s sovereignty is limited by human free will. It is God who is sovereign, not man. All human freedom is limited by God’s sovereignty. It is God who chose some before He made any. It is God who draws those He has chosen as a gift for His Son. It is God who convicts and regenerates. God is sovereign, not man.
Election is a first and final blow against human pride and human merit. Election magnifies God’s grace and removes all boasting. Salvation becomes a gift from God apart from any human merit or action. Now with election properly understood, true worship springs forth in unreserved gratitude abundant praise and zealous service to the One who sovereignly chose us.