SGBC Modesto


March 28, 2024 by

William Heinrich

The word liberal means “free.” In the Bible this word refers to the freedom a Christian receives from the bondage of sin through the grace of Jesus. Gradually, the word liberal (freedom) has taken on other usages and meanings. The most common change has been to refer to liberalism as ‘one who thinks for himself apart from all outside pressures, authorities, or influences.’

Liberal education, which originally meant to look at life free from prejudice, customs and traditions, has come to mean the right to criticize all traditions and be a self made authority.

Religious liberalism denies that God speaks to man from Scripture. They teach that the Bible is a book written by man. They teach that any kind of Bible believing fundamentalism is far right and dangerous. They say religion is man’s search for God, not man’s response to God.

James Montgomery Boice accuses liberal churches of four things: (1) pursuing the world’s wisdom, (2) embracing the world’s theology, (3) following the world’s agenda, (4) employing the world’s methods. He goes on to say, “What was true of the liberal church in the 1960’s and 70’s must now be said about the evangelical churches as well.” Many have abandoned the Bible and have gone to “felt need” sermons, entertainment, and signs and wonders. They consider the Bible as deficient in counseling, turning to therapy groups. Even winning others to Christ has become a well-accepted, man-invented method of “inviting Jesus into your heart.” They call sin dysfunctional behavior and salvation self esteem and faith, possibility thinking. They now teach that God wants us happy, not repentant. Numerical growth has become proof of God’s blessing, no matter how it is achieved. A careful look at even the evangelical church will reveal that it, too, has become very liberal.

Liberalism in the church can only be defeated by going back to the Bible. When the Bible is set aside for any reason, liberalism will rush in like a flood. Liberalism is simply men teaching apart from God’s revelation.