SGBC Modesto

Love Your Enemies

March 28, 2024 by

William Heinrich

Christians who openly and unashamedly tell others of Christ will be very unpopular people. Therefore, to avoid the shunning and persecution, Christ is now being sold in such a way as to not bring rejection. The great mysteries of the faith have become cheap slogans, the majestic hymns are traded for shallow jingles, the parishioners are now without shame being called audiences, and happy anecdotes and fail proof methods are the selling schemes of Christians. Scripture speaks of man’s sin as separating him from God and demands repentance. Scripture speaks of heaven for the bom again and hell for all others. This open and unashamed proclamation will bring scorn and rejection.

Man’s avoidance of this by cheapening the message is wrong. Scripture tells us a Christian true to His call will have enemies (John 15:18-20). It also tells us how to love our enemies. Romans 12:14 tells us to disarm them with love. ‘Bless them who persecute you.” Blessing is not natural but supernatural. It’s more than the golden rule because it means to take the initiative and do something to make them happy and fulfilled. Romans 12:15-16 tells us to seek opportunities to love our enemies saying; “Rejoice and weep” with them and be humble with all times. Romans 12:17-19 tells us to never pay back their evil with our evil but to seek peace. Romans 12:20-21 tells us to overcome their persecution by doing good to them in return for the bad done to us.

Loving our enemies is only possible when we have enemies through a loving but biblical proclamation against sin and about Christ. It also constitutes a supernatural response to their hatred and persecution. It can never be right to cheapen our message to make it taste good while repentance and faith remains absent.