SGBC Modesto


March 4, 2024 by

William Heinrich

I know very little about music. I know to what degree I like or dislike a song and sometimes why. However, nothing is more central to glorifying God through music than the spiritual disposition of the musician. Many musicians honor Him with their mouth while their heart is far from Him. Words sung that accurately portray God, glorify Him in spite of the musician’s heart. Yet when a good man composes or directs a song, all are blessed. Songs from good and godly men have survived the ages. Martin Luther, a man who stood for truth in a dark time, wrote and we still sing today, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Isaac Watt wrote and we sing, “O God Our Help in Ages Past.” Joann Sebastian Bach, who could not imagine using his music for any other purpose than for God’s glory, is the favorite of millions.

What a composer creates should be an expression of his heart. What a musician directs and sings should be the same. When one does not possess harmony of the two, something dreadful is missing. The same can be said about the lyrics of any song. Beware of songs biblically inaccurate, shallow, or entirely man-centered. God is to be praised in our music. If either the lyrics or the musician are wrong, pure praise is jeopardized. The same can be said if any of the basic elements of music are out of balance. Melody, harmony, and rhythm all must be used complimentary to each other, with a common goal of praising God. Simply said, noise with the right words is not praise.

In our world of immorality, irrationality, relativism, lack of absolutes, crime, and hate, we need music. Music that has passed the test of ages; music from a godly composer and directed by a spirit filled musician; music that brings mankind to praise and worship God.