SGBC Modesto

The Irreligious Left

April 5, 2024 by

William Heinrich

The “politically correct” groups and individuals continually refer to the Christians’ participation in “their” world as the “religious right.” It is said with a slur and a tone of scorn. It seems all who stand for abstinence before marriage, the right of the unborn, heterosexual marriages and participation in school decisions or politics, somehow deserve to be looked down upon and spoken of with contempt. I’ve wondered, if I am a part of the “religious right,” then are they, who reject me, a part of the “irreligious left?” Surely they would not want to be called that, especially with a slur or tone of scorn.

Americans have always lived together with distinct differences. Why do we now seem to be finding it hard? Is it because the “religious right” has become fanatical? Is it because the “irreligious left” have become so demanding? Of course the answer to this will vary depending on who gives it. From my view point of the historical evidence, I see two major changes. First, the “religious right” was always there, but slept peacefully because nothing from the “irreligious left” was extreme enough to awaken them. Second, the “irreligious left” was always there and, due to the passive nature of the right, they existed in peace as well. However, with the cry of “rights,” especially women’s “rights,” the decision on abortion being a woman’s right, this was a loud noise to the sleeping right. They awoke and organized. Now, with open eyes, they saw the problems in schools, in government, in the court rooms, in defining what a home is, etc. The “irreligious left” saw this once sleeping giant as a deterrent to their agenda and have opposed it with all their might.

The reason we find it hard to live together in America is not the fanatical right, but the demanding left. If things that are offensive to the right would return to their condition and state as before, the right would return to its deep sleep. But, the left is demanding these changes. Therefore, there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns. By the way, when He comes conditions will return, and the “religious right” will rest in peace as never before.