SGBC Modesto

True Wisdom

April 13, 2024 by

William Heinrich

The city of Corinth had a population ofbetween 100,000-600,000 people in the days of the Apostle Paul. It was a very sinful place. The Greek world had a word for those who lived immoral lives: “Corinthazesthai”, meaning “to live like a Corinthian.” The immorality of the city made it difficult for Paul to witness. He found he had to completely change their philosophy of life. They considered themselves very intelligent, but it was not true wisdom; it was the wisdom of the age. In Paul’s first letter to them, he quickly challenges them in this area. He asks where all the clever argument and impressive rhetoric have brought them. He argues that what they call foolish (God’s truth) is really wisdom, and what they call wise (their pragmatism) is really foolishness. He argues divine wisdom can deliver from bondage. Human wisdom enslaves. Therefore, he refused to enter into their persuasive debates, but simply preached Christ crucified and risen, explaining it is the power of God and the wisdom of God. From God’s wisdom, lives once enslaved to sin and immorality are set free. Guilt-ridden souls are at last filled with joy.

However, Paul explains that divine wisdom is so special it is only available to those who have the Holy Spirit. The natural eye cannot see it, nor ear hear it. Only one supernaturally born of God is taught divine wisdom by the Holy Spirit.

America is quietly rejecting divine wisdom. The governor of Minnesota recently called Christians “weak-minded.” No doubt he spoke what millions believe, but just don’t say. In this, they are saying, “The wisdom of God is foolishness,” and the preaching of the cross is “weak-mindedness.” Is not America rapidly becoming a “Corinthazesthai” nation? Human wisdom will only enslave us to immorality and rob us of soul-felt joy. We now, like Paul then, must preach the cross and God will change their philosophy of life.